Printed Impertex Suit Carrier Bags

Impertex Suit Cover Bags

Plastic Suit Carrier Bags are both durable and waterproof, made from a reinforced plastic material. With polypropylene threaded handles, double stitched lining as well as an interior zip. Additional features include Velcro seals as an alternative to hooking the bag through the hanger. The printing of our Plastic Suit Bags is carried out in our Far East Manufacturing base and the printing is carried out using the off-set style. If you may be a retailer of clothing hire shop, we have a wide range Printed Suit Carrier Bags to help store and protect your suits. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on: 0845 338 1741 or alternatively you can request an instant quote online now.

Made InLead TimeMinimum Order QuantitySize Available
UK 2 weeks 250* Fully Bespoke
Europe 2-4 weeks 500* Fully Bespoke
Asia 12-16 weeks 1,000 Fully Bespoke

Most Suitable For

  • Department Stores
  • Clothing Boutiques
  • Menswear Retailers & Wedding Boutiques

Extra Information

Being plastic, this variety of suit carrier bags offers customers to handle a bespoke looking bag, both high quality and waterproof at the same time. Manufactured in the Far East, they are printed using an off-set style.

As a Plastic Suit Carrier, the customer really does have a say in the look of the bag. Regardless of your brand identity, we can make sure your bag is manufactured to the colour scheme and look that fits perfectly with the identity of your business. Available in any colours as well as specific and metallic pantones, our range of bags can be custom made to suit every customers needs. Unlike other varieties which come in only a specific range of colours, these bags offer limitless possibilities to suit your requirements.

The Plastic Suit Bags offer the advantage that they won’t leak through and damage your suit in any way. Highly protective in every way, they are perfect if they may need to hold different items of clothing, large and small, from time to time.

Simply get in touch and make your enquiry for your suit carrier bags today. We can offer assistance at all stages from making the initial choice, the manufacturing stages and how to ensure the bag looks the way you want it. Call us on 0845 338 1741 and we’ll help you move forwards.