Printed Cotton Bags - Eco Bags With Shoulder Length Handles - Ref. Kookai


Description: Printed Cotton Bags - Eco Bags With Shoulder Length Handles - Ref. Kookai

Kookai is a French fashion label that offers these lovely printed cotton bags to their customers. Specialising in stylish and affordable women’s wear they wanted to offer a reusable bag that not only looks great but also offers practicality. Manufactured with long shoulder length handles this printed eco bag will be comfortably carried whilst browsing shops or walking down the high street.  Grey in colour this 8oz cotton bag is printed on both sides, displaying Kookai’s logo in a lighter grey; a subtle yet stylish way of promoting the brand name.


This particular printed eco bag with shoulder length handles was made from 100% natural cotton which offers many different benefits as a material. As cotton is strong, sustainable and biodegradable it is very beneficial to the environment.  Eco-friendly cotton bags help reduce waste, save resources and also cause minimal pollution during the manufacturing process. This is why they are excellent bags for promoting an eco-friendly business image.


Why not purchase printed cotton bags that your customers will love. No matter what your business type a reusable eco bag is a superb way to create a lasting brand promotion which also protects the environment and looks great too! Need help with designing? Then contact us today and our expert design team can help you create stunning eco-friendly bags.


Most Suitable For: Supermarkets, Furniture Stores, Retail Outlets, Department stores & Eco-friendly Marketing.

Delivery Time: 7 Days

Data Sheet

    Material: Cotton

    Material Weight: 3-8oz

    Colour: Grey

    Finish: --