Loop Handle Cotton Carrier Bags ref iMakr


Loop Handle Cotton Carrier Bags ref iMakr

 effectively promote their two-colour logo with an accurate, vibrant screen print. Manufactured from cotton, these bags are reusable and hardwearing; a great concept as iMakr can draw on in having their brand printed across the side surface area long after their products are removed from the re-usable bags.


Cotton Carrier Bags benefit from their long loop handles and 5oz cotton which make the bags strong and easy to carry and fill with great quantities of items. The design is such that the bags can carry heavy items with ease, yet they can be easily folded away. From the sample seen here, we can customise these bags to carry any printed promotional graphics or text across the stitchwork, edges and also scale / surface area.


If you require a carrier bag which is both strong and reusable, these offer the perfect solution. If you would like a quotation for reusable Cotton Bags or have any questions regarding this type of carrier bag then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 338 1741 or email us via: info@preciouspackaging.co.uk

Data Sheet

    Material: Cotton

    Material Weight: 5oz Cotton

    Handle Type: Cotton Long Loop Handle

    Colour(s): Natural Beige with Orange logo