Printed Loop Handle Cotton Bags Ref. NaraMaxx


Printed Loop Handle Cotton Bags Ref. NaraMaxx

NaraMaxx are a premium, stylish, sophisticated Turkish fashion brand with a very high end and bespoke identity. With this in mind, the Cotton Bags we produced carried a floral, artistic and colourful design in line with their brand image. The full colour photograph is the perfect example of how we can print across these bags custom to any brand and design requirements.


These full colour cotton bags are ideal for relaying a high end, quality image to the end user. Loop Handle Cotton Bags are strong, reusable, easy to fold away and ideal as a type of bag for brands looking to convey an eco-friendly image. The 5oz cotton loop handles attached with reinforced box stitching are very comfortable and long enough carry the bags on your shoulder. We can manufacture from 4oz cotton through the 12 oz canvas if required.


Printed Loop Handle Cotton Bags are a strong, easy to fill and use type of bag, ideal for carrying great quantities of items large and small. If you are after Printed Cotton Bags or have any questions regarding this type of carrier bag then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 338 1741 or email us via:

Data Sheet

    Material: Cotton

    Material Weight: 5oz cotton

    Colour(s): White cotton with full colour print