Printed Polkadot Cotton Bags - Ref. Polkadot


Description: Printed Polkadot Cotton Bags - Ref. Polkadot

offer a very high-end stylish look which has become fashionable once again.


The Cotton Bags as seen here is very distinctive in terms of its great thickness and strength and the high quality to which it has been manufactured. These black and white polkadot finished bags have a classic design which has very much stood the test of time which continues to work effectively today. This bag for life features an internal pocket most ideal for storing possessions such as valuables or cash. The overall design of these Cotton Bags is most effective in that these bags are able to open out to a great width to hold large quantities of items and in term carry large quantities of weight too. They also benefit from comfortable and strong black cotton handles. If you are looking for a reusable eco-friendly bag that looks great as well as offering excellent practicality then our printed cotton bags are the way to go.


 Supermarkets, Furniture Stores, Retail Outlets, Department stores & Eco-friendly Marketing.

Delivery Time: 7 Days

Data Sheet

    Material: Cotton

    Material Weight: 8oz

    Colour: Black & White

    Handle: ShortHandles