Printed Cotton Bags

Printed cotton bags are becoming extremely popular worldwide as an alternative to single-use carrier bags. The main beneficial factor, which comes from these cotton bags, is that they are made from a natural, sustainable and biodegradable material, which makes them much more eco-friendly. Not only are these printed bags for life eco-friendly in terms of production, but they are also very strong and durable which allows them to be reused again and again. Reusing Bags For Life is one of the best ways to help reduce waste and preserve our planet.

Made InLead TimeMinimum Order QuantitySize Available
UK7 days100*Custom
Europe2-4 weeks100*Custom
Asia12-16 weeks1,000Custom

Most Suitable For

  • Supermarkets
  • Eco-Friendly Promotions
  • Retail Stores
  • Department Stores & Grocery Stores

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The Definiton of Tote Bag


Reliable, spacious and a stylish!...that is the classic cotton shopper bag!

Take the savvy choice to order a run of our wonderful custom tote bags 
with a big logo and it will advertise your brand far and wide.

The more people carry it your bag around...the more free advertising..


5 oz thickness is standard, 10 oz thickness similar to canvas
Apply a 1-2 colour print for best results
For a faster leadtime, choose a natural coloured cotton bag