Coloured Plastic Bags With Punched Out Handles

Wholesale Plastic Carrier Bags

Supplying over 15 million plastic bags per year we are the UK’s leading plastic bag wholesaler. Whilst we offer customers incredible value for money on all sizes of die cut plastic bags we ensure a superior strength and quality. With such a wide range of uses our plastic bags with punched out handles are one of the most popular chosen by our customers.  Vari-gauge polyethene provides these retail bags with an increased material thickness towards the top of the bag, near the punched out handles, resulting in enhanced strength and quality. These durable plastic shopping bags are available in a range of sizes (small, medium and large) and in an array of beautiful colours. Offering incredible value for money our fantastic retail bags are perfectly suited for use in sport shops, department stores and trade shows. Why not order coloured plastic bags from Precious Packaging today!


Promote With Coloured Plastic Bags

Our coloured plastic bags are bright and attractive, the perfect carrier bags for promotional and retail events. Have your brand or logo stand out from the crowd by printing them on these popular plastic bags. 

Die Cut Carrier Bags

We stock a range of die cut plastic bags available in different sizes and attractive colours. This type of plastic carrier bag is machine made by punching the handles out of the plastic polyethene material. The end result is a strong and durable plastic bag which is perfectly suited for retail use.  Coloured Plastic Die cut bags also known as punched out handle bags have a wide range of uses, making them one of the most popular wholesale bags chosen by our customers.  Our attractive coloured plastic bags with punched out handles are made from variable gauge LDPE polyethene making them soft, flexible and robust.