Printed Polyester Sublimation Bags

Printed Polyester Digital Sublimation Bags For Life are a high quality type of carrier bag among our range of Polyester Bags; the ultimate full colour bag. Strong and reusable, they are easy and comfortable to carry and have long, strong handles which can be carried around the shoulders. Sublimation printed, this is a type of bag we can print and manufacture to carry any artwork, including photographic imagery. Sublimation printing itself is a very high quality type of bag printing, noted for its accuracy to which it can print onto bags. This is largely down to the depth to which the ink prints into the bags fabric. Sublimation printing is also a process which is much faster than other types of bag printing processes.

Made InLead TimeMinimum Order QuantitySize Available
Asia12-16 weeks5,000Custom

Most Suitable For

  • Craft Shops
  • Department Stores
  • Gift Shops
  • Supermarkets

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Extra Information

Light and strong, printed polester sublimation bags are easy to fold away and offered in material thicknesses of 5oz, 8oz 10oz and 12oz, making them ideal for carrying generous quantities of items.

We can offer these bags in sizes large and small and in a variety of dimensions. Sublimation Bags For Life are a strong and light bag which we can custom print to any imagery and photographic content. 

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