Luxury Paper Bags With Rope Handles

Rope Paper Bags - Ideal As Luxury Packaging

If you may be a retailer selling high end luxury goods, these are a great variety of bag to add a bespoke finishing touch. As a variety of bag, they are particularly ideal for jewellers and other retailers looking to create a distinct and memorable impression to customers. Both varieties of these Luxury Paper Carrier Bags are made from fine quality card with a standard weight of 190gsm, with the addition of a polypropylene or soft cotton rope handle. There are a variety of different sizes and colours readily available in stock if you may be looking for Paper Carrier Bags Wholesale. Overall, Luxury Paper Bags with Rope Handles are a superb choice of bag for retailers who sell high end, luxury goods looking to portray a bespoke representation. Rope Paper Bags are ideal for jewellers and wedding shops, they can serve to function for both retailers and corporate bagging requirements.


Available In Matt And Gloss Laminate

From the range we have in Matt and gloss, we can offer these bags in a variety of different dimensions and colours to suit. Depending on the style you require choose a stunning elegant matt laminate or an eye-catching stand out gloss laminate.


Looking To Order Paper Carrier Bags Wholesale?

As a bag you can order online wholesale, you can alternatively call our friendly sales team today on 0845 338 1741 or alternatively email us at If you may be unsure during the process of ordering and choosing between Matt and gloss, simply call us and we will be only too happy to assist with your enquiry.

Laminated Paper Carrier Bags

Our Laminated Paper Bags With Rope Handles are available in either a gloss lamination or Matt lamination, providing the option of either a smooth, softening effect or a more reflective finish. Luxury Paper Carrier Bags are not only a good alternative to plastic bags but they can also carry an environmentally friendly message for those businesses who use them. Easy to handle and use, they can be used to fulfil both retail and corporate gift bag requirements.