Plastic Vest Bags

Eco-Friendly Vest Bags

You can be sure that our plastic shopping bags are an environmentally friendly choice as our entire range of plastic vest bags are made from recycled plastic polyethene.  Also due to the durability of our plastic vest bags they can be used more than once, helping reduce waste. Our vest style shopping bags are made from recycled HPDE plastic polyethene and can be reused multiple times for various uses. They are manufactured with long flexible handles making them comfortable to carry and allowing multiple grocery bags to be carried at once.  If you are looking for best value for money on plastic shopping bags then look no further! Choose from our range of attractive colours and order plastic carrier bags from precious packaging today!


Branded Vest Bags

Why not promote your brand or logo in a cheap and eco-friendly way by having them printed on these robust and colourful shopping bags. Branding vest bags is a great promotional technique for food suppliers like a local butchers or bakery.

Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic vest bags are the most commonly used shopping bag worldwide. Our plastic shopping bags are strong and robust allowing them to be used again and again. If you are looking for a cost-effective multipurpose bagging solution then plastic vest bags are the way forward. Plastic vest carrier bags also known as T-shirt bags are the most commonly used shopping bags worldwide. Typically found in grocery stores, supermarkets and general stores these versatile plastic vest bags offer excellent value for money, they are also strong and durable allowing for multiple items to be carried.