Card Pizza Boxes

Protective & Easy To Use

As a variety of food, packaging branded Card Pizza Boxes are perfect in keep food well protected and warm when and during transporting them from place to place. They also have a flat base, making them ideal for eating from. Ideal for restaurants and takeaways and ideal within the events industry, we offer these boxes in a range of different sizes. We can offer them in 9, 12, 14 and 16 inches. As an overall choice of packaging, these boxes are both light and durable and are great to present pizzas to customers in the way they are easy to open and re-seal. Another great feature of our Card Pizza Boxes is that all boxes are recyclable.


Branded Pizza Boxes

We can custom brand pizza boxes to a design most capable of helping you market pizza take away’s and restaurants. With the right design, this can be a great way of impressing customers; this is especially effective if customers are impressed with your cooking and service. We can overall adapt to any custom design requirements across all sizes/formats of these boxes, with full-colour printing available at a great value for money cost.

Branded Pizza Boxes 

Card Pizza Boxes offer stability and strength for the end user ordering and purchasing pizzas. In times when food needs to be transported, they can keep food warm, fresh and clean once packaged. They are specifically manufactured internally and externally to a good overall card thickness, meaning the pizzas can sit stable and will not move about too much once packaged.