Printed Suit Bags and Garment Covers

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We offer a wide variety of different material types when it comes to a suit bags, garment covers and garment carriers and will work with you to create a high quality design. The great news is that this allows us to comfortably work with your budget for a suit cover bag. Speak to our friendly team to chat through design ideas and requirements.

We’ve Got What You’re Looking For...

Our range of dress carriers and suit storage is extensive, including polyester, PEVA, non-woven, plastic and PEVA/non-woven mix. Our custom garment bags are ideal to meet your needs when you are travelling for business, weddings or special occasions. Rest assured that with our bags, your clothing will be in a pristine condition. 

Bespoke Designs Waiting for You...

For destination weddings or overseas travel, we also offer a range of dress carriers, including a high quality wedding dress garment bag, essential when temperatures begin to rise. Or why not add a special dimension to the look of your order and speak to one of our friendly staff. 

Need Some Inspiration?

For luxury brand Duchamp, we designed a garment cover with bespoke features like a business card holder and a reinforced hanger opening to add extra robustness and strength. Highstreet giant Next requested a branded suit carrier from waterproof PEVA adorned with strong branding, while Basil and Bea clothing required a custom size carrier bag with a zippered accessory pocket and business card holder.

  • Pantone printing
  • Material Matching Service
  • Metallic Pantone printing
  • PP webbed handles
  • Hot Foil
  • Cross stitching
  • Metal/Plastic Zips
  • Eyelets

Most Suitable For

  • Independent Retailers
  • Boutiques
  • Corporate Gift Bags
  • Jewelers
  • Wedding Shops
  • Department Stores
  • Dentists
  • Exhibitions & Events

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Store Well to Look Great

Printed suit bags and garment bags work fantastically as clothing protection bags
whether you are trading with clothing or need a group order for an event.

If you are needing suit protection for your range, this top quality form of brand
advertising will gain you visibility out in public, while maintaining great product
condition for the customer.

For private group orders, we offer garment travel bags for suits and dresses, choose
from materials such as polyester, PEVA, non-woven, plastic and PEVA/non-woven
mix varieties.

For all options, apply your logo or custom printed on the front and back for maximum 
print exposure. Browse our range and let's see what works best for you!

Request a quote today or call us on 0845 338 1741, we are ready to help.


We offer several types of suit bags, giving great protection to your garments at great prices
Customised branding of your suit or garment covers, to your requirements for elegant display.
We are 5-Star rated TrustPilot, with delivery included to one UK address