Bespoke Non Woven Suit Carrier - Ref. Ecer


ECER is a luxury European menswear clothing brand. They supply suits and men’s jackets to multiple independent stores & retailers across the continent. 

The Non-Woven material is both breathable & weatherproof. It feels soft to touch, as a result the suit carrier also protects the fabric of the suit against wear and tear. 

The size of the suit carrier is 60 x 100cm and boasts a custom-designed pattern. Created to coincide with the Pantones & colour scheme found in their brand guidelines. The bottom half of the suit carrier doubles back inside to leave it neatly folded upon presentation to the customer. 

Most Suitable for: Departments stores, Clothing Retailers, Tailors & Fashion Labels

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Pieces

Data Sheet

    Material: 160gsm Non-Woven Polypropylene

    Print: Brown & Gold