Printed Foldable Boxes

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Our extensive range of printed packaging boxes and printed cardboard boxes are endlessly versatile. They can be uniquely customised with full-colour print, gloss UV printing and luxurious touches like debossing, embossing and luxurious textured paperboard wraps.

Choose the Right Product Packaging Boxes

We understand how important custom product boxes are to communicate your true brand values and authenticity.
Our experienced design team look forward to working with you and advising on the best possible outcome for standout retail boxes. 

Printed retail boxes are an excellent choice for individual products, offering strong protection, a sleek user-friendly design and a high-quality finish. They are also an ideal choice to use as personalised gift boxes or flat pack gift boxes.

For fragile items, we can create custom inserts that securely hold your products in place. Cardboard packaging boxes are delivered flat packed and easy to assemble in seconds. They’re an excellent solution for food, drink, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and giftware products.  

Brand Highlights

We’re proud to have created striking printed foldable boxes for many renowned brands. We delivered luxurious Pantone-colour matched boxes for the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, a metallic hot foil treatment for cosmetic brand No7 and a durable paperboard box with a locking base with a custom-fitted insert for Graveney Gin.

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If you are unsure of where to start or how to create the packaging you need, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We can advise on the best solution for your budget and needs and offer design services included in every order. Call 0845 338 1741 or email

Easy to Store...Easy to Assemble


Foldable paperboard boxes are a fantastic option for products which don't
require rigid protection or posting, (e.g Think of cosmetic products, small
bottles or even food!)

Don't be fooled, despite being a flexible material, these boxes can still be
strong and made with all the luxury finishes you can expect.

Some of our foldable printed packaging boxes would blow your mind in terms
of practicality and design!                    


350 gsm is the standard card thickness! But for very small boxes, 300 gsm folds better!;
Who wants to run out of boxes? No way! Order by the thousand and get even lower prices!
For Eco-friendly boxes, remember to choose Uncoated pantone colours!