Overprinted Suit Carriers and Dress Covers

Available in quantities as low as 100 units, our overprinted dress and suit covers come in a range of colours and material options. Overprinting garment covers involves printing your design or logo onto a stock suit or dress cover. You can print your logo or design in any colour in multiple positions.

Have a look at some of the example below and contact us today for an instant quote.

Most Suitable For

  • Department Stores
  • Clothing Boutiques
  • Suit Retailers & Wedding Boutiques

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A well kept Suit says Alot..

"Clothes don't make a man...but they have gotten many a man a good job!"

Wiser words have never been spoken, we tend to agree, as we realise the
value in preserving your finest threads.

With our extensive range of protection options, you can be very sure your
garment collection will be kept in pristine condition.


Aim for 1 colour print only for better results and easier production.
Choose a metallic pantone instead of foil print, for greater options
Higher level of discount on orders of 500 pieces.