Overprinted Suit Carriers and Dress Covers

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Available in quantities as low as 100 units, our suit carriers and suit travel bags come in a range of colours and material options. We can also create breathable options, the perfect choice to protect delicate fabrics.

Looking To Customise A Suit Bag Carrier? 

The great news is that you can print your logo or design in any colour in multiple positions on bags. The adds real flexibility and ease to create your ideal vision for suit bag covers.

Brands We've Worked With 

For retailer Next, we created a waterproof branded PEVA suit cover. It showcased brilliantly the brand’s logo and is a hardwearing design. The addition of an accessory pocket creates additional storage. Beymen, a high-end Turkish retailer, required a bespoke carrier with a custom gold Pantone detail and name card holder. Simplicity and elegance was the name of the game for Marks & Spencer. We designed a suit carrier with durable PEVA on the exterior and non-woven on the inside with an elegant monochrome colour palette.  

Have a look at some of the examples of suit bags and garment bags below and contact us today for an instant quote.

Most Suitable For

  • Department Stores
  • Clothing Boutiques
  • Suit Retailers & Wedding Boutiques

A well kept Suit says Alot..


"Clothes don't make a man...but they have gotten many a man a good job!"

Wiser words have never been spoken, to which we must to agree, as we
realise the value in preserving your finest threads. The first step in 
safeguarding your garments would be to acquire a quality suit or dress 
cover, whether it be for storage or travel. 

Our range of travel and storage bags is customisable by print, across a great
selectionof colours and materials. 

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Our range of suit carriers, for men and women cover all styles, materials and carrying options, look through our range for ideas and options.
We offer PEVA, a PEVA and woven mix and cotton carriers, contact us today to see what's right for you
Take advantage of our lower pricing on higher orders, this can reduce the cost per unit significantly