Clothing Tags

In this highly competitive business environment, the image is key. Therefore touches such as custom labels or price tags could provide you with a great opportunity to present your brand on each item you sell. We offer high-quality retail tags, which can be printed on a card or textured paper with a variety of print finishes. These custom tags can either be used as clothing label tags or as information for other non-clothing products. Custom labels are perfect for working in unison with your current branding and promotional campaigns whilst underlining your brand identity in an elegant yet discreet way.

Made InLead TimeMinimum Order QuantitySize Available
UK2 weeks500*Custom
Europe2-4 weeks500*Custom
Asia12-16 weeks1,000Custom

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Extra Information

Dop that last element of trustability on your customer with any one of our fantastic
product tags

Also Known as 'swing-tags' or 'hang-tags', they will create those vital moments of 
reassurance for a customer who is thinking of purchasing your product.


Swing tags are proven to help boost sales of your products
Let your tag hang or swing with a sustainable rope or chord
Order in bulk for the best prices