Printed Eco-Friendly "Bags for Life"


are a niche eco-friendly variety of carrier bag which has with it the benefit of being reusable. Strong and sturdy, we can print these bags custom to any artwork or relevant branding. Overall, they are a great choice of eco-friendly promotional carrier bag, equally capable and ideal in portraying an ethical brand image. Offered in both large and small sizes, one of their main benefits include there long, strong threaded handles. This makes the bags easy to carry and carry large quantities of weight.


Across this category, “Bags For Life”, we are able to offer both Cotton and Jute varieties of this bag. The latter is most ideal in being able to give off a distinctive, rustic look. We also offer these bags Woven and Non Woven Polypropylene bags. For this option you can choose from having a laminated or un-laminated finish. Like most varieties of our bags, we can offer these bags plain. If you wish to add your own branding to out Bags for Life range, the process is easy; simply attach your artwork to out instant quote form.


Our Bags for Life range are ideal as a ready to use, reusable and ethical type of strong bagging solution. If you are after Custom Printed Bags for Life and may have any questions regarding this custom type of bag as a packaging solution for your business, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 338 1741 or email us via: With bags for life take advantage of an effective advertising strategy which is also becoming an incredibly popular fashion accessory.


2-3 weeks

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 bags

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