Printed Food & Catering Packaging

Our wide offering includes cake boxes, champagne boxes, doughnut boxes, pizza boxes as well as disposable coffee cups. Custom Printed Food Packaging is a range of packaging is ideal for the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market and equally ideal take away and mobile food consumption. For effective sealing, offer well constructed formats of food packaging, which can effectively enclose food contents to keep foods fresh and enable consumption. Across all formats of food / catering packaging, we can custom produce packaging in line with any brand image / design requirements to allow for promotion.

UK7-10 days250*Custom
EUROPE4-5 weeks250*Custom
ASIA12-16 weeks1,000Custom

*For urgent or rushed orders please call us on 0845 338 1741

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We offer a great range of different types of printed food packaging. Our range includes cake boxes, champagne boxes, doughnut boxes, pizza boxes and for drinks, disposable coffee cups. Across out range listed, we can offer each format in a variety of different sizes, dimensions and in single and double linings.

Our range of printed catering packaging is ideal for food retailers and caterers alike selling food to take out. Dispatched flat pack, the packaging is easy to construct, takes up little space and can enclose food warm and cold to keep it fresh for longer. 

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