Printed Woven PP Bags

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The reusability of printed polypropylene bags not only helps you to reduce waste and protects the environment but it also allows for a long-term marketing tool. You can easily display a message or logo every time it is used by customers. 

Strength & Longevity

Woven polypropylene bags with handles consist of PP plastic threads that are woven together, making an extremely durable material with a great deal of flexibility and strength. They are a popular choice with supermarkets and retailers where customers often need a strong, durable choice for carrying goods or heavier products.

Why Choose Woven PP Bags?

Add your own brand personality to printed polypropylene bags and go big with your ideas. We welcome creativity and design and our helpful team will help with customisation. Everything from a bespoke size, to print or Pantone-colour matching possibilities. 

Brands We've Worked With

A bag we’re sure you will recognise is a design for Sainsbury's with its playful elephant motif and citrus colour palette designed with a stitched grosgrain handle for extra stability. Luxury was the name of the game for women’s fashion brand Elisa Cavaletti. We added a metallic zip seal at the top of the bag combined with an intricate design and smooth gloss laminate. For tic tac we delivered a woven polypropylene which has a luxurious smooth matt finish and full colour CMYK print. 

Made InLead TimeMinimum Order QuantitySize Available
Europe5-6 weeks2,500Custom
Asia12-16 weeks5,000Custom

Most Suitable For

  • Grocery Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Food Suppliers
  • Retailers & Department Stores

Reusable for Retail


You likely have some of these in the back of your car already, so you won't
be surprised to know that printed supermarket bags for life are the most
commonly owned packaging item in the UK. 

Not only are they used for shopping, they make for excellent storage, making
more of us use them every day.

Printed Reusable Bags

PP bags (woven polypropylene) are simply an incredibly useful multi-purpose
bag which reduce the impact on the earth's raw materials.

Waterproof?...Yes!  Strong? ...Yes!...Easily branded?...You bet.

This is environmentally-friendly packaging at it's best.  Request a quote today
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Reliability and reusability are main advantages of this classic supermarketing bag, which has now been adopted into many other industries.
Printability and water-resistance of these bags is second to none, enabling top quality branding, made to last
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