Bespoke Zip Close Woven Carrier Bags Ref Svenn


Svenn is a multi-brand store that is immensely passionate about Italian made clothes. Located in Ospitaletto, Italy, they provide a range of clothes for both men and women. This piece was designed to be used as a carrier bag for their customers.

Crafted with woven polypropylene material, this distinct bag is both durable and lightweight. To ensure the contents within the bag are not damaged, an attached zip can fasten shut. Measuring at 450x380x180mm, this bag is large, allowing it to hold a collection of different items. For extra comfort when carrying, a grosgrain handle is perfect. We can design woven carrier bags to fit your specifications and add your branding.

All bags are available bespoke to your needs and if you would like to get in contact to discuss our eco-friendly carrier bags please email at call us on 08453381741 or request an instant quote.

Data Sheet

    Material: Woven PP

    Size: 450x380x180mm

    Handle: Grosgrain

    Additional Features: Zip Close