Printed Woven Polypropylene Bags - Gloss Laminate - Ref. Custo


Description: Printed Woven Polypropylene Bags - Gloss Laminate - Ref. Custo

Custo is a Spanish fashion line known for their innovative and colourful fashion designs which is certainly reflected in this vibrant woven polypropylene bag for life. Woven polypropylene offers exceptional strength allowing these bags to be reused countless times for all sorts of shopping items.  These particular printed reusable bags are quite large in size and are manufactured with strong flat handles.


The stand out features of this woven polypropylene bag is the vibrant stand out design and the eye-catching gloss laminate finish.  A gloss laminate finish can really look great as it reflects light.  Printing a bag in this style is a fantastic way to market a brand or message as it instantly intrigues passers-by. Many supermarkets and retail stores have realised the potential of printing bags for life as their brand will be carried around like a walking advertisement.  Woven polypropylene bags offer an excellent printing canvas to portray a wide range of vibrant colours and detailed designs. Offer your customers attractive reusable bags as it not only offers a practical commodity for shoppers but it also helps reduce waste and preserve the environment.  Once we receive your artwork for printing and the specifications such as size, thickness and finish of your bags we can have them delivered to your door within 4 weeks.


Most Suitable For: Promotional Events, Supermarkets, Retail Outlets, Department stores & Eco-friendly Marketing.

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks

Graphic Design:: Standard: ( Included )

Data Sheet

    Material: Non-Woven PP

    Bag Weight: 210gsm

    Colour: Pink & Black

    Finish: Gloss

    Handle Type: Flat Handle

    Handle Colour: Black