Printed One Colour Non Woven PP Suit Carrier Ref. KIP


Printed One Colour Non Woven PP Suit Carrier

This Non Woven Polypropylene Suit Carrier is a good example of a cost effective option. It can be held fully open with a single handle or folded in half with buttons to hold it there and a double handle for reinforced strength. This suit carrier has a specific hole for a coat hanger to keep your suit protected and clean whilst hanging up.


This Non Woven Suit Carrier is a light material, at 120gsm it is appealing to a customer with a more cost effective budget in mind, but still with reinforced handles and strong material it is still fit for purpose. At 1000x600mm (HxW) it is the same standard size as our other products. With a single simple colour logo it is effective and clearly branded on each side.


If you would like to order suit carriers we can also add a PVCtransparent window in the front for any contact details to be held, or additional printing or a PEVA/Non Woven mix material, call us on 0845 338 1741 or send an email via:

Data Sheet

    Material: Non Woven Polypropylene

    Material Weight: 120gsm

    Handle Type: Single Non Woven Polypropylene

    Colour(s): Black with single White logo