Printed Cotton Bags - Ref. Masterpiece


Masterpiece London is an arts, antiques and design related event held in London in association with RBC Wealth Management. Very much a premium bag, our offering of Cotton Bags offer a unique way to show and promote the event and the “Masterpiece” event brand. This is a bag we can offer printed wholesale and as a great alternative to plastic and paper bags.


Our Cotton Bags are a great choice and great way to convey an eco message to customers with this choice of custom printed promotional bag. This is a bag from which we can easily adapt to promote and represent any company brand / branding. Our Printed Cotton Bags feature strong handles and come nicely padded. This is an ideal choice of bag for events, with these bags ever popular nowadays for music festival promotion.


As a bag that can be offered wholesale and offer customized, this can be the ultimate eco friendly mass-produced bagging solution. Choosing this type of bag can also enable you to stand out from your competition. If you are after custom printed cotton bags and may have any questions regarding these bags as a packaging solution for your business, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 338 1741 or email us via:

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