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One of the key parts to your event and brand success is promotional packaging and powerful marketing packaging that delivers impact and consumer awareness. We’re proud to offer a wide range of options for presentation packaging, including gift boxes, promotional bags, and accessories.

Bepsoke Designs You'll Love

We understand that your event or promotion is unique, so our expert team will tailor make your packaging to suit your exact specification. Whether that's a giveaway of luxury chocolates and gifts to your top clients, launching a new brand with a giveaway or something completely out of the ordinary, we can’t wait to bring your design to life.

A Little Inspiration 

We added a touch of fun with characters printed in full colour on a twisted handle paper bag for DreamWorks film company. This order was bespoke with a large custom size with an uncoated finish. The Trent Valley Kart Club required a bespoke luxury paperboard membership card box with a foam and paperboard insert. While for the Masterpiece London event, it was elegant cotton bags that were the order of the day. We were delighted to design printed cotton bags with strong padded handles and eye-catching logo placement.

Customer Testimonial
"I can't recommend working with Precious Packaging enough - great communication with Matthew, super speedy delivery, a real sense that they are trying hard to do a great job. The product is fantastic and we will most definitely be a repeat customer. We appreciate the effort Matthew put into making sure our order arrived in time for a huge event - thanks a million!"
B Hennessy (Folkster)

Special Offers

  •  5,000x Printed Twisted Handle Bags
  •  5,000x Printed Gift Card Boxe
  •  5000m Printed Ribbon 

Our customer account managers can tailor your order further to include; urgent delivery dates, storage & print specification to suit your budget.

Printed Twisted Handle Paper Bags5,000240*110*310mm
Printed Gift Card Boxes2,000120*120mm
Printed Ribbon5000 m35mm wide
TOTAL £4,150+Vat

*For urgent or rushed orders please call us on 0845 338 1741

Packaging is The Silent Marketing Tool

While screen based advertising can be easily ignored, what you receive
in your hand is harder to completely disregard. When a person sees or
handles your packaged piece of promotion, you have more of their
undivided attention.

Events and Marketing packaging is crucial if you want a potential
customer’s focus, even if it’s just for a few seconds. Creating unique
presentation packaging has never been more important in ever
changing marketplaces.

We produce a wide range of bespoke promotional bags and boxes,
all of which can be finished with luxury touches and detailed inner
features to really show off your contents. Missing the opportunity
to attract these people who are vital to you only results in
unreached potential.

Do you have an idea for your next marketing campaign?

Speak to account managers to discover how we produce customised
promotional packaging which communicates your organisation’s
values and benefits clearly.

Contact us via e-mail at or give us a
call on 0845 338 1741


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