Printed HDPE Flexi Loop Bags With Matt Finish – Ref. Next


Description: Printed HDPE Flexi Loop Bags With Matt Finish – Ref. Next

Used by the well know fashion retailer Next these beautiful Printed Flexi Loop Bags are a fantastic example of how the more economical HDPE material can still create luxury styled and attractive plastic bags. Printed with a black logo over a pleasing light blue matt finished plastic these flexi loop carriers promote the Next brand and website whilst portraying the company’s premium image.


HDPE Flexi Loop Bags offer many benefits. The material itself is strong, robust and flexible whilst offering a great printing base for a wide range of stunning colours, metallic pantones and gloss or matt finishes. The flexi loop handles which are welded to the inside of these plastic bags are strong and comfortable. The way in which they are attached allows the full volume for the bag to be utilised. All in all printed flexi loop bags are most ideal for those seeking strong and cost-effective carrier bags. They would be perfectly suited to carry heavy or bulky items.


HDPE flexi loops can be adapted to suit any business needs or brand images so whether you are a clothing retailer or you own a food takeaway we can cater for you. Contact us regarding the size, thickness and design of the bags you require and we can guide you through the order process. Why not request a quote online now by clicking the button displayed above.

Data Sheet

    Material: HDPE Plastic

    Colour: Blue

    Finish: Standard

    Handle Type: Flexi Loop