Foam Containers and Boxes for Food

Wide Varieties Of Foam Food Containers

Our Foam Food Containers are offered in a variety of different sizes and dimensions, making them most capable for packaging a wide variety of foods. They are also available in both square and circular dimensions. Functionally, these boxes are both a light and strong variety of packaging that can be well filled with large quantities of food. Foam food packaging can also be easily sealed to safely contain the food contents being held. Most notably, they can be used for foods such as soups and sauces, as well as salads and foods such as coleslaw.


Wholesale Foam Box Food Packaging

Offered in wholesale batches, Foam Boxes are perfect for mobile caterers serving large volumes of fast food. They offer great value for money and are perfect, functionally. They are ideal in ensuring you will stick to the necessary meal portions to ensure you will be able to serve food in the most profitable quantities and portions possible.

Foam Packaging

Our variety of Foam Boxes for packaging food are perfect in the number of positive attributes they carry. They are cost effective, non-absorbent, easy to use and overall offer a great amount of space in which to pack them with warm and cold food. Foam Boxes are the ultimate format for disposable packaging which can be readily used to eat from for quick and easy self-service dining. They are effective in that they are non-absorbent and offer a hygienic eating solution which effectively manages to absorb and retain the heat of food they contain.