Paper Handleless Carrier Bags Ref Outlet SYD


Outlet SYD sells clothing items from well-known brands for lower, outlet prices. Their products range from outerwear, jackets to underwear and costumes. Some of their most recognisable brands include Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, and Wrangler. They are located in Löddeköpinge, Sweden.

This small little paper carrier bag is 250x180x80mm, allowing it to be easily carried. Printed paper handleless carrier bags are great for smaller, lightweight products and make lovely packaging for gifts. This particular piece was made from 170 gsm Kraft paper, making it thick enough to protect the contents to a certain degree. A permanent sealing strip across the top ensure the items inside do not fall out and will be safely kept.

We can supply you with paper carrier bags with your own printed logo. Making all our products bespoke, you can add features like a permanent seal strip or hot gold foil.

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Data Sheet

    Size: 250x180x80mm

    Material: Kraft Paper

    Weight: 170gsm

    Close: 5cm Flap with Permanent Sealing Strip