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When it comes to jewellery packaging, we know how important it is to reflect the quality and sophistication of pieces that are inside. Jewellery holds a special place in the hearts of its customers. Why not add to that sentiment by choosing the highest quality custom jewellery boxes.

Find The Right Bespoke Gift Boxes 

Our wide range of custom jewellery packaging is sure to add that extra touch of luxury to every special purchase a customer makes. Our selection of bespoke jewellery packaging includes options such as ribbon sealed boxes, magnetically sealed boxes, pillow boxes. You’ll also find two piece boxes among other available finishes and options. Bespoke options are available for each if you need some extra fine details for your customers, such as logo embossing or gold foiling.

Some Inpsiring Orders To Explore 

For Burns Jewellers in Manchester, we created an elegant bag made from a luxury card with reinforcement and a turnover base. Hot gold foil application and a matt lamination add a premium edge. While Softshawls ordered a sleek satin ribbon adorned with elegant branding to add flair to gift wrapping. French handcrafted jewellery brand, Little Ones Paris required a small bespoke box to showcase designs. An inside print and Pantone-matched colours added a final flair.

Customer Testimonial

"Helpful team, great service and premium quality goods." - Susanne Sassa (Babiole Jewellery)

Special Offers

  •  2000x Printed Die Cue Paper Bags
  •  3000x Printed Pillow Boxes 
  •  1000x Printed Jewellery Ring Boxes 

Our customer account managers can tailor your order further to include; urgent delivery dates, storage & print specification to suit your budget.

Printed Die-cut Paper Bags2,000180*80*250mm
Printed Pillow Boxes3,000140*90*35mm
Printed Jewellery Ring Boxes1,00055x55x40mm
TOTAL £5,750+Vat

*For urgent or rushed orders please call us on 0845 338 1741

Dazzling and Delightful Packaging

Many would say that the jewellery packaging is almost as important
as the quality of the jewellery itself, this is why here at Precious
Packaging, we regard this as a vital part of your marketing process.

Our expertise in crafting the best jewellery packaging boxes, bags
and pouches directly complements your jewellery style, whether
you specialise in modern elegance, vintage or chic Full customisable
options by size, print and material leave no detail unattended in the
quest of dazzling your customers.

Showcase your products in all their glory! Browse this section not
only for jewellery display options, but also jewellery packaging ideas.

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