Jute Bags For Life

Incredibly Eco-Friendly

The Jute material used is 100% biodegradable, a natural fibre. In this such way they play a significant role in environmental protection. They feature a silky exterior feel / texture and high level of strength, in turn making them ideal for carrying heavy amounts of items. As a fibre, it is famed for being strong, versatile and ideal for packaging a wide variety of different items.


Functionally Effective

The manufacture of these bags, with their internal padding, their dimensions and the overall thickness of these bags ensure they can stand up with ease once filled. This is just one of the ways in which Jute Bags are perfect for protectively packaging items.

Plain Jute Bags

Our Jute Bags are a variety of bag which is manufactured to a very high-end quality. Manufactured from Jute, they are a very strong and long lasting bag; referred to as a “bag for life”. We offer Plain Jute Bags as a cost effective and strong bagging solution. This type of bag is also well known for being long lasting and ideal for carrying items which may be of value and importance. As a renewable and biodegradable variety of bag, these bags are renowned for the role they play sustainable in environmental protection. In short, they can offer a natural and more eco-friendly alternative to other synthetic bags. This is a great choice of high quality bag for serving the needs of bags for life.