Customised Flexi-Loop Handle Carrier Bag Ref Guide London


Guide London is an award-winning British menswear brand that was founded in 1988. They offer a wide range of clothing items and accessories such as casual shirts, jeans, socks and ties. This flexi loop bag has been designed to carry their clothing products.

Measuring at 450x450mm, this carrier bag is a standard size and will be capable of holding a diverse selection of items. The flexi loop handle gives the piece extra support and can be carried comfortably. Made from 45 micron LDPE plastic, it is suitably strong. A striking gloss lamination gives the bag a clean finish, making the white logo shine against the black background.

Flexi loop handled bags are great for clothing retailers as they are strong and can stretch to hold different products.

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Data Sheet

    Material: 45 Micron LDPE Plastic

    Size: 450x450mm (WxH)

    Finish: Gloss Lamination

    Handle: Flexi Loop