Printed Reusable LDPE Flexi Loop Bags - Ref. M&S


Description: Printed Reusable LDPE Flexi Loop Bags - Ref. M&S

Often you will see supermarkets offering flexi loop bags to their customers as an eco-friendly reusable option.  Marks and Spencer offer this particular sample to customers to try and reduce high waste levels caused from single use carrier bags. This style of plastic bag can be used as a reusable bag because they are strong and robust whilst their flexi-loop handle design allows the full volume of the bag to be used. They offer a superb opportunity to promote your brand in an eco-friendly light.


Printing a flexi loop bag with an attractive and appealing design is a great way to promote Reusable Bags and eco-friendly image. This flexi loop bag has an artistic red and white pattern which customers will be drawn to.


We can supply you with your own Custom Made Flexi Loop Bags which can be printed in a way that suits your brand image. Bags can be tailored to whatever size, thickness, colour and print you require. We also have a talented in house design team who are at hand to help you design beautiful printed plastic bags.


Most Suitable For: Clothing Stores, Retail Shops, Supermarkets, Grocery Stores & Events

Delivery Time: 2-4 Weeks

000 Carrier Bags

Data Sheet

    Material: LDPE Plastic

    Colour: Red and White

    Finish: Standard

    Handle Type: Flexi Loop