Printed LDPE Clip Close Bags With Metallic Pantone – Ref Wallers


Description: Printed Clip Close Bags With Metallic Pantone – Ref Wallers

This is a truly stunning sample of printed clip handle bags. Used by Wallers the clothing retailer these luxurious plastic clip close bags feature beautiful metallic gold pantone used to print the logo, a rectangular boarder and the insides of the bags. Printed metallic pantones are a brilliant way to add value to your plastic carrier bags and grab the attention of potential and existing customers.


The LDPE plastic used to manufacture these Clip Handle Carrier Bags provides excellent strength and durability meaning these bags are capable of carrying multiple or bulky items. We can supply your custom made printed plastic bags in whatever material thickness you require, depending on the products you will be placing in the bags. The clip handles are made from hard plastic making them very strong, they also allow the bag to be completely sealed protecting what is inside.


If you are seeking a luxurious style printed plastic bag then our LDPE Clip Close Bags are an outstanding choice. We can supply these bags in whatever size, shape and design you require. Why not consider a metallic pantone and help your brand stand out from the crowd.


Most Suitable For: Department Stores, Clothing Stores, Supermarkets, Events & Furniture Stores

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks 

000 Units


Pantone Specific Printing:: 871C

Data Sheet

    Material: LDPE Plastic

    Colour: Navy

    Finish: Standard

    Handle Type: Clip Handle