Printed Plastic Carrier Bag with Clip Handle Ref Wackenhut


Wackenhut is a family run car dealership with 6 locations throughout Germany. Along with test drives and sales advice, they also offer used car valuation and trade-in, maintenance packages, leasing and financing, warranty and insurance.

 This is a classy sample of a printed clip handle bag in which we can produce. A shiny gloss lamination finish gives the bag an extra touch of glamour and makes the white text logo stand out. LDPE plastic is used to allow the bag to stretch and adapt to the contents of it. The handle is also made of plastic which is strong and adds structure to the bag.

This bag is 450x398mm, making it an ideal size as it can hold a variety of items.

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Pantone Specific Printing:: 871C

Data Sheet

    Size: 450x398mm 

    Material: LDPE 

    Weight: 70 Micron

    Handle: Rigid Plastic

    Close: Clip