Printed Plastic Cool Bags With Clip Handles - Ref. Arla


Description: Printed Plastic Cool Bags With Clip Handles - Ref. Arla

from which customers could carry their items protectively and at the same time have the ability to promote the Arla brand to passersby.


The great thing about Plastic Cool Bags is their ability to insulate foods to keep them cool and fresh, largely thanks to the insulating material which lines these bags. The bags also seal themselves well thanks to the clip handles which are able to close these bags at the top where they are carried. The material used is ideal for allowing the end user to fill the bags with heavy loads of items. With the amount of strength this variety of cool bag possess, they are also most effective as a bag which can be re-used again and again. If you are interested in printed plastic cool bags for your shop or business then feel free to contact us to request a quotation.


Most Suitable For: Supermarkets, Grocery Stores, Butchers, Food outlets & Medical Industry

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks 

000 Units


Data Sheet

    Material:  Insulated LDPE Plastic

    Colour: Cream

    Finish: Standard

    Handle Type: Clip Handle