Full Colour LDPE Die Cut Bags – Ref. Isabelle Dupont


Isabelle Dupont is a world renowned luxury makeup company whose mission statement is to make everyone feel beautiful. In order to provide an equally eye catching form of packaging for this big player in the cosmetics field we have designed this printed plastic LDPE die cut handle bag.

This bag features a full colour CMYK print covering both sides as well as the handles which allows the beautiful photographic imagery you see on the bag which screams branding and personality. This bag is not without function and durability however as the 43 micron LDPE material makes this bag very sturdy and high quality.

This bag measures 100 X 130 X 3mm which makes it ideal for small cosmetics products as well as an array of fast moving consumer goods or any product which requires a strong visual brand presence.

To get a bag that perfectly matches your companies brand philosophies and image with a range of bespoke and cost effective options contact us via e-mail at info@preciouspackaging.co.uk or give us a call at 0845 338 1741 to get your full color CMYK printed plastic bags.

Data Sheet

    Material: LDPE

    Material Weight: 43 micron

    Handle Type:  Die Cut

    Colour(s): Full Colour