Black and White Printed LDPE Patch Handle Bags - Ref. Brachard


Description: Black and White Printed LDPE Patch Handle Bags - Ref. Brachard

Patch Handle Bags are a style of plastic shopping bag that can be characterised by glued plastic patches which are inserted around the punched out handles on the inside of these bags. Patch handles enhance the strength and reliability of these plastic bags making them capable of carrying heavier or multiple items.


This sample of printed patch handle bags was made from LDPE plastic which is soft and smooth; it also allows a stunning and detailed print finish. This black and white printed bag used by Brachard supplier of stationary and office supplies.  Black and white printed designs are a classical and cost-effective way to promote your brand in a stylish and pleasing way.


Interested in this style of print? We can adapt similar LDPE patch handle bags suited to your specific needs. Choose the size, thickness and print design of your own Patch Handle Bags. If you would like assistance designing your printed plastic bags then we have a talented in house design team who can do it for you.


Most Suitable For: Book Shops, Clothing Boutiques, Department Stores, Events, Exhibitions, Gift Shops & Shoe Shops

Delivery Time: 2-4 Weeks

1000 Carrier Bags


Data Sheet

    Material: LDPE Plastic

    Material Weight: 45 Microns

    Colour: Black

    Handle Type: Patch Handle