Printed LDPE Patch Handle Bags with Photograph - Ref. Whiskas


Description: Printed LDPE Patch Handle Bags with Photograph - Ref. Whiskas

This sample of Printed Patch Handle Bags is an excellent example of how detailed print designs can be displayed on your own branded plastic bags. This patch handle bag was manufactured from LDPE plastic with a material weight of 45 microns. The LDPE material is smooth and soft, offering a stunning glossy print finish which is perfect for photographed images like that on this Whiskas bag.


Patch Handle Bags are a great option for many different types of retail stores as they offer an affordable and practical shopping bag that can work very well as a promotional tool. Characterised by the glued patch handles these bags offer enhanced handle strength and reliability. This makes patch handle bags a better option for businesses selling heavier products such as book shops and shoe stores.


If you are enticed by these plastic bags with a printed image then we can adapt something similar for your own promotional needs. Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced sale team. We also have an in house design team who can help you do the hard part when creating branded carrier bags.


Most Suitable For: Book Shops, Clothing Boutiques, Department Stores, Events, Exhibitions, Gift Shops & Shoe Shops

Delivery Time: 2-4 Weeks

1000 Carrier Bags


Data Sheet

    Material: LDPE Plastic

    Material Weight: 50 Microns

    Colour: Purple

    Handle Type: Patch Handle