Printed LDPE Patch Handle Bags In a Range of Sizes – Ref. Craigdon


Description:  Printed LDPE Patch Handle Bags In a Range of Sizes – Ref. Craigdon

We are delighted to present this range of printed plastic bags which were produced for Craigdon Mountain Sports. The outdoor clothing and equipment specialists required patch handle carrier bags in a range of sizes to accommodate their wide range of different products. Opting for LDPE Patch Handle Bags was the perfect choice as the material is soft yet strong and the reinforced patch handles glued to the inside of the bag provide enhanced strength.


LDPE offers a more luxurious plastic carrier bag material as it looks and feels great whilst also allowing a wide range of stunning printing colours and finishes. These stunning printed patch handle bags which come in small, medium and large have a bright and appealing design which portrays Craigdon’s brand image perfectly. They also display store locations on the bag demonstrating how printed patch handle bags can be used in a promotional way.


If you would like to obtain Printed Patch Handle Bags in a range of different sizes then Precious Packaging is the supplier for you. We can provide you with custom printed plastic bags made from LDPE material and in any sizes you require. If you own a general store, department store or fashions retailer then a range of different sizes of your own branded bags is an excellent way to give off a professional image and promote your business.


Most Suitable For: Book Shops, Clothing Boutiques, Department Stores, Events, Exhibitions, Sport Stores, Gift Shops & Shoe Shops

Delivery Time: 2-4 Weeks

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Carrier Bags


Data Sheet

    Material: LDPE Plastic

    Material Weight: 45 Microns

    Colour: White, Green & Yellow

    Handle Type: Patch Handle