Branded Plastic Mailing Bags Ref Alamo


Alamo Group Europe is a leading competitor in the agricultural and industrial machinery business. Founded in 1991, they have grown significantly with companies such as Spearhead Machinery and Forges Gorce. Some of the products include hedge cutters, mowers, rollers, and sanitation equipment.

With a simple design, this bag is easily identified due to the large printed logo in the left-hand corner. Branded mailing bags are great for advertising purposes. This piece measures at 500x350mm, meaning it can hold small to medium sized items. All our packaging is made completely bespoke, so your mailing bags can be adjusted to meet your requirements.

A permanent seal strip will secure the bag closed and ensure the products are kept inside when in transport. 60-micron co-ex film has been used due to its strength and durability.

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Data Sheet

    Size: 500x350mm

    Close: Permanent Seal Strip

    Material: 60 Micron Co-ex Film

    Print Process: One Colour