Custom Printed Mailing Sacks For Wood Samples Ref Scotts Flooring


Scott’s Flooring offers custom wide plank flooring services based out of Donegal, Ireland. They create custom floors and offer a range of different flooring options to their clients. Using 100% natural flooring solution, oils, and waxes, Scott’s offer a quality variety of natural products. The boards are considered a lifelong product, lasting 80+ years.

This custom printed mailing bag measures 360x460+50mm and is made out of co-ex. This means that items of different sizes can fit into the bad due to its flexibility. Weighing only 60mu, this mailing bag will not increase the total package weight by much. The adhesively sealed flap will secure any items within, leaving no cause for concern. The simple design on the bag is clean and subtle and creates an elegant finished product.

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Data Sheet

    Size: 360x460+50mm

    Material: Co-ex

    Weight: 60mu

    Flap: Adhesive Sealed