Magnetic Seal Rigid Card Box with Gloss Laminate


Magnetic Seal Rigid Card Box with Gloss Laminate

 This well designed rigid card box with gloss laminate is ideal for those brands who are looking to make a statment and provide their customers with something durable and sleek.

This gloss laminated box features a magnetic fold design which makes it very user friendly and adds a level of sophistication as well. The easy fold feature also contributes it's sleek and user friendly design by making it easy to store and more likely to last a longer time with your customer leaving your brand with them for a prolonged period of time.

This gloss laminate box measures 194mm X 230mm X 95mm making it ideal for high end consumer goods such as electronics and luxury branded items.

To make sure your brand packaging speaks volumes in quality with your consumer contact us via e-mail at or give us a call at 0845 338 1741 to get magnetic fold rigid card boxes now.

Data Sheet

    Material: Rigid Card

     Colour: Plain Grey 

    Finish: Gloss Laminate

     Handle: Rope