Luxury Rope Handle Printed Art Paper Bag – Ref. L’uomo Di Mara B


L’uomo Di Mara B is a boutique clothing store based in Villifranca which is in the province of Verona in Northern Italy. They trendy store supplies clothing and a wide range of accessories for the more discerning gentleman. Their mission statement is to enrich the look of men.

This is an uncoated rope handle carrier bag made from art paper. The material weight is 180gsm which gives the bag a robust feel. The sturdiness of the bag is accentuated through a 400gsm card reinforcement both at the turnover of the bag and the base. The design is comprised of various shades of grey stripes as well as 3 red stripes using a UV varnish. The red stripes tie in nicely with the red luxury rope handle. This bag also benefits from the company’s contact details being printed on the inside so it doesn’t take away from the minimalist overall design.

If you have a boutique and would like to add some style to your printed carrier bags like this trendy Italian store; get in contact with us on 0845 338 1741 or send an email via:

Data Sheet

    Material: Art Paper

    Material Weight: 180gsm with 400gsm Card Reinforcement

    Handle: Luxury Rope Handle

    Colour(s): Grey Striped with Red UV Varnish Stripes