Printed Tall Brown Paper Bags With Twisted Handles - Ref. Baila Pizza


Description: Printed Tall Brown Paper Bags With Twisted Handles - Ref. Baila Pizza

of a very natural look and feel in terms of their aesthetic overall appearance and as a platform from which to carry their company branding.


These bespoke Paper Bags with Twisted Handles have a very tall and slim looking design and works well as an attractive looking take out bag. The overall purpose of these bags for Baila Pizza is for use for carrying any uneaten, left over food and keeping it fresh and warm in the process of it being carried out from their restaurants. The bags are made from natural brown kraft paper with a one colour print and they also feature a natural twisted handle; overall easy to carry and easy to use. Sturdy and effective in being able to stand up freely on their own, these bags are strong and have a paper thickness of 120gsm.


This style of printed paper bag is a very cost-effective and beautiful way to promote your business and build a good brand recognition. No matter what your business or event needs may be, we can supply the bag for you. Call us today for an instant quotation or for any advice on printed paper bags of any kind.


Most Suitable For: Retail stores, Clothing Stores, Menswear Stores & Departments Stores

Delivery Time: 2 Weeks

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Carrier Bags


Material Finish: Unvarnished

Graphic Design:: Standard: ( Included )

Data Sheet

    Material: Brown Kraft

    Paper Weight: 120gsm

    Colour: Brown & Red

    Finish: Unvarnished

    Handle Type: Twisted Paper Handle

    Handle Colour: Natural Brown