Bespoke Cotton Bag for Cue Cards Ref Mrs Wordsmith


Mrs. Wordsmith is visual vocabulary programme that uses work from award-winning Hollywood illustrators to make it easier for children to learn new words. This project is highly recommended by teachers and parents as well as the students themselves. We have created these cotton bags to hold cue cards.

Measuring at 460x320mm, this cotton canvas bag weights 200gsm, ensuring that it is durable enough to house a variety of objects inside. A metal zipper across the top of the bag allows the user to gain access easily while also being able to secure it shut. The cool illustrations make the piece interesting and give an extra fun appearance to the bag.

We make all our products bespoke so you can give us the exact specifications of what you want.

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Data Sheet

    Size: 460x320mm

    Material: Cotton Canvas

    Weight: 200gsm

    Additional Features: Purple Metal Zipper