Luxury Bespoke Printed Jute Bag Ref Tea-cake


Luxury Bespoke Printed Jute Bag Ref Tea-cake

The Tunnock’s are the family bakers that introduced the famous English tea-cake to the world. The Tunnock family established their bakery in 1890 and a world renowned brand was born.


This eco-friendly “bag for life” is crafted in Jute which gives it a rustic aesthetic and feel. The bag is printed with a two-colour screen print, the handle is filled in the core which gives a more robust feel when carrying the bag.


This particular bag measures 380x350x140mm, our bags are available to order in whichever size and specifications you require.

If you are interested in ordering bespoke eco-friendly bags please get in contact via email at

Data Sheet

    Material: Jute

    Size: 380x350x140mm