The Works is a luxury bakery and comestibles shop located in Gorey, Jersey. They sell delicious top-quality treats such as macaroons as well as farmhouse cheeses and handmade pies. This paper bag has been designed as a carrier bag and can hold food items without damaging them.

At just 220x250x220mm in size, the paper bag is small and therefore is ideal for carrying treats and desserts. We have included a reinforced turnover and base to add structure which means that fragile items can stand inside. An uncoated finish gives the bag a natural appearance as well as a smooth touch.

If you are interested in getting recycled paper carrier bags then please contact us via email at, call us on 08453381741 or request an instant quote.

Size: 400x200x400mm

Material Thickness: 200gsm

Material Finish: Uncoated finish

Product Colour: Brown Kraft

Print Colour: One colour

Handle Material: Cotton Rope

Handle Length: 50cm knotted rope/ 5mm thick

Handle Colour: Brown

Additional Spec: Die cut hole

Reinforcement:: Reinforced base and turnover

Data Sheet

    Size: 220x250x220mm (WxHxD)

    Material: Brown Kraft

    Weight: 200gsm

    Finish: Uncoated

    Reinforcement: Turnover and Base

    Handle: Cotton Rope