Ribbon Tied Jewellery Bag Ref Annie Haak

This chic little jewellery bag is for Annie Haak. She designs lavish yet affordable women's jewelry. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings in Bali, the products have a distinctive edge. The combination of the purple and white make the text and logo easily seen.

A 400x10mm grosgrain ribbon is used to ensure closure of the bag while giving the piece a touch of class. This luxury card bag measures at 170x200x60mm with the support of a 400gsm base, giving it structure to protect valuable jewellery inside. This is a cool alternative to a standard ribbon handled paper bag. 

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Style: Pre Production Samples (5 Units) of Envelopes & Bags

Size: 150x100x250mm

Material Thickness: Matt

Print Colour: 1 Colour

Logo Finish: Silver Foil

Handle Material: Grosgrain

Handle Colour: Closest to 2597C

Additional Specifications: Inserted Ribbon Handles

Reinforcement:: Purple Reinforced Base

Data Sheet

    Size: 170x200x60mm

    Material: Luxury Card

    Weight: 220gsm

    Reinforcement: 400gsm Base

    Closure: Detached Ribbon