Multicolour Custom Printed Stickers - Ref. Calini


Description: Multicolour Custom Printed Stickers - Ref. Calini

for their customers and potential future customers to recognise them by. The great thing about these colourful stickers is that in Calini being in a niche business, the stickers could be used promotionally with any other formats of product packaging used.


The Printed Stickers as seen here were finished in a striped colour scheme which also works in an eye catching way. The style of stickers seen here just goes to show how effectively full colour printing can be well utilized with sticker printing design. Overall, we can offer custom stickers printed in no end of different colours, designs, shapes and sizes. There are no end of possibilities as to what we can offer with sticker printing. This is a great value for money form of promotion, which can be used with other formats of packaging and on their own.


Most Suitable For: Gift Wrapping, Brand Promotion, Retail Stores, Labelling Products, Sealing Bags & Tissue Paper

Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks

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