Custom Printed Fame Hair Extension Boxes


Our Hair Extension Boxes are a choice of packaging that is both protective and bespoke by terms of its manufacture and visual design. Also referred to as Hair Packaging Boxes, they are universally popular with hairdressing salons, beauty salons and beauty-related shops to package wigs in a protective way. These boxes are effective in the way to which the hair can be laid out flat within and well preserved. They can also be used as a long-term storage solution too.


The sample Printed Hair Extension Boxes we custom developed and manufactured for Fame came with no attention to detail spared. Externally, the design featured a laminate finish, with an embossed hot foil logo to represent their branding across the front surface area. Internally, the boxes were printed. Other features of this sample included ribbon seals with front print design, adding a further attractive and decorative touch.


Hair Extension Boxes are a thick, strong and well-manufactured quality format of product packaging, ideal for also enabling businesses to market themselves in a positive and bespoke way. If you are after a custom sample and may have any questions regarding our Printed Hair Extension Boxes as a packaging solution for your business, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 338 1741 or email us via:

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