Custom Full Colour Printed Cups Ref Hansel and Gretel


Hansel and Gretel is Dublin’s newest artisan bakery. This custom printed cup contains images of products that Hansel and Gretel have to offer in a playful manner, with a full colour print these are made bespoke to the customers needs.

This example, a 12oz cup, is perfectly sized for a hot beverage. These are strong platform for expanding your brand as these can be taken out of the shops so other people will see these and attract many others. Made with a double lined insulating paper to stop burns and injuries when consuming your favourite drinks.

If you are after this type of cup or have any questions regarding this variety of cup packaging please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 338 1741 or email us via:

Data Sheet

    Material: Double Lined Paper

    Colour(s): Full Colour